Thursday, June 6, 2013

What can I do to stop my eyeglasses from slipping? In a word: Keepons!

Valley of the Dolls. Brilliantly authored by Lynne Reid Banks. In all probability the greatest narrative ever generated. A exemplification of the human entanglement against mediocrity. It examines in exacting nitty-gritty that which the poets of old so beautifully reckoned: Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Given that though the most remarkable epics simply are unable to stay your spectacle temples from nudging down your head. Trust what I'm relating to you. Happy to meet you Ivana Knight. I live in Malaysia. My age is 45. In terms of making a living my trade is Optometrist.
 I've been stuck with my eyeglasses for several years now. And constantly all throughout that time my eye glasses continue relapsing. I checked out every possible solution: spectacles leashes for example. All unsafe and inadequate. The pain with reverting eye glasses is the unkind infliction it causes. The results to a body's serenity. Where every five minutes you're called upon to move your eye glasses temples up. After a while they slide again. A lasting struggle. In the end gravity overcomes. Your reason for being is defeated. Life of the afflicted. Without prejudice influencing every fibre of your health. I've been on Sediel. I gained 10 kilograms of dread. By good luck I found a solution while searching on Picsearch for glasses slipping down nose. I encountered Keepon eyeglass arms devices. At the moment this is how I lead infinity: Good things don’t come to those who wait.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eyeglass slipping prevention increases quality of life

So if you really want to improve the quality of your life you really have to examine what is stealing quality away from your life or what is robbing you of dignity of efficiency of happiness and it's very easy to to think about the big things like oh I don't have enough money I don't have enough friends but those are never problems in and of themselves if you don't have enough money and you either make more money or you spend last or you plug up the holes which drain you of your money and quite often these holes we not we are not aware of them. And it's the same with things that rob us of happiness were not aware that we push-up bar glasses every two minutes it happens it happens so often were not aware of it in the same way we overlook the fact that we say the phrase you know every 10 or 20 words and it sounds ridiculous when you listen to your own voice what I mean is when you record yourself or someone recorded you and you listened and how every 30 seconds you say you know you know it's terrible and it's like this with falling glasses you have to keep pushing them up they keep falling keep pushing them up and it happens so often you forget about it don't even notice it but eyeglass retainers can solve this and once this is solved all my goodness the difference in your quality of life is extreme it's huge.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All it takes to stop your eyeglasses from falling down your face: Keepons eyewear retainers

I went on my first date in 4 years. Let me tell you about 4 years ago first. I was 21 at the time. Nervous as anything. More than you can imagine. She was a girl I met in my social sciences class and her name was Anita. We had chatted a few times and it came out that we both loved watching the Simpsons. We talked about our favorite episodes and even quotes favorite scenes. So then we went out. Nothing special, coffee at first, then dinner. But the more we went out, the more nervous I got. I think it was because I really wanted it to happen. I really wanted her to be my girlfriend. So I kept getting nervous and then sweating a lot and then I would be pushing up my falling glasses every two minutes. I don’t know about you but when I get self-conscious I tend to go away inside my head and I may seem distant. I think that turned her off or that she got the wrong signals and slowly we drifted apart. But that was 4 years ago like I said. In that time, I’ve done everything I can think of to stop my glasses from falling down my face. I’ve tried eyeglass straps and chains and eyeglass cords too but they are so uncomfortable. They sit on your neck and restrict movement when you turn your head. Not by a lot, but enough to be a nagging inconvenience. I’ve tried contact lenses too but they dry out my eyes something fierce. And I am too much of a chicken to go for laser eye surgery. What if something goes wrong? I don’t want to lose my eyesight. As time went on I became more and more depressed. My self-esteem suffered and I went to the doctor for medication. He gave me something called Celexa, an anti-depressant and that kind of helped but my self-esteem was still in an abyss. And serendipitously, one day I was surfing the web and in this sports forum I came across a post about Keepons eyewear retainers which were supposed to stop your glasses from slipping down your nose. Everyone raved about it and I did some more searching and saw some more positive reviews.  But I found it hard to believe that a solution actually existed. But I figured it’s only six bucks. Yeah Keepons cost six dollars and that includes free shipping worldwide and a free tracking number. Well I can tell you this. 10 days later they arrived in the mail and on that very day, my life changed. My glasses didn’t slip anymore. And that’s why I’m on a date. I want to try it again. I got in touch with Anita on facebook and well, my fingers are crossed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How I Stopped My Glasses From Slipping Down My Nose

Funny thing, my glasses used to slip and then I got laser eye surgery and then I didn’t have to bother with slipping glasses anymore. Then I got some cool sunglasses and of course when you’re out in the sun, you start sweating and then I found my sunglasses always sliding down my nose. All of a sudden all those years of falling glasses memories returned to me and then I thought to myself, will I never escape the curse of slipping glasses. Unfortunately no one had invented a type of eye surgery where they could give you vision against the sun. Fortunately a neighbor of mine, Doug, we were having a beer together on his porch and he saw that I was forever pushing up my sunglasses and then he said the most incredible thing, why don’t you get yourself some of those Keepons thingys. What are Keepons I asked. He went in the house, took his laptop out to the porch, logged onto his WIFI and showed me by going to a URL called The first time I saw these Keepons I knew that my searching was over. This would be the solution to my slipping glasses problem. So I ordered the Keepons lite clears and you know what? They were only $4 and that included free global shipping and a free tracking number so I could check the status of the shipment. When I received them, it took me 15 seconds to put them on my glasses and they hooked over my ears in the most comfortable way. Best thing of all was that my glasses didn’t slide. I jumped up and down, I ran for about fifty meters, I sat down, I got up, I moved my head to the left then I moved my head to the right and nothing. My glasses didn’t slip. I am so happy for Keepons eyeglasses retainers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Preventing eyeglass slipping with eyeglass retainers, Keepons

I’m giving a talk to a room full of investors right now. These people have money but they’re sharp. Hyperintelligent. I’m on my game, hitting all my points and I see their nodding heads and I know that at the end of my talk, which will happen in about 7 minutes, I have a timer near my foot like the people do on, that at the end of my talk a lot of people will want to give me their money. I work for a tech company, a startup actually. As I’m giving this talk, my thoughts wander. I shouldn’t let them wander but I can’t help feeling how surreal this all is. Two months ago if you asked me to stand in front of a crowd of multimillionaires and convince them to give me their money I would have told you to go jump in a lake. In fact I was thinking of bringing aboard a partner to do the selling and marketing part. But the person I had in mind, the fit was right and I really couldn’t afford. So I took it upon myself to pitch my own company. But I was always nervous and when I get nervous I sweat and then my glasses keep slipping. But one of my staff suggested I take a look at Keepons eyeglass retainers. I did and immediately I order two pairs. I also ordered them on EMS so that it arrived from Hong Kong in 4 days. And here I am giving this talk and I know I am nailing it. My glasses aren’t slipping. I look intelligent. I’m dressed sharp. Not Wallstreet sharp but silicon valley sharp with jeans, a white collared shirt, and a blazer. I think this will turn out ok and I have to thank Keepons eyewear retainers for that. Who would have ever thought that a tiny piece of silicone could make such a big difference in your life.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keepons for eyeglasses stops glasses slipping for good

You know what learned helplessness is? It’s like when there’s a problem and the problem is a big problem, but the solution is an easy solution. For most people that is. For you though, it’s a big deal to solve the problem. Sometimes you’re unmotivated. Even the smallest thing is a huge obstacle for you. That’s learned helplessness. And to say there’s something wrong with you it’s untrue, but to suggest you’re making it up, that’s not true either.

The thing is, most likely when you grew up, if there was difficulty you chose to do something else. You convinced yourself that there’s always alternatives. But after a while when you keep taking the left path, you veer farther and farther off course until one day, you so far left that you can’t get right again.

That is becomes a habit to always seek the easiest way. The problem with that is that you problems never go away, they just pile up, blocking your way so that one day you find that your life options are incredibly limited. Then you get depressed and feel even worse and unmotivated.

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

Yes it’s tough taking out your wallet, but do it. Now sure, it’s a lot of work removing your credit card, but go ahead and put it on the table.

Now choose one style of Keepons to help you keep your glasses on. How about the Keepons original clear? They are the most popular style.

Now this is the really really hard part. You have to fill in your address, but don’t worry I’m here with you. Don’t think about how you’ll do everything, that will overwhelm you.

What’s your house number? Great. What about your street name? You’re doing fine. No worries. City? Excellent. Now take a few breaths and relax for a minute or two. You ready? Ok let’s do this. What province or state are you? Then country…

Postal code?

OK, now just click that button.

I know you don’t want to do it because you know even if you click it it will be at least a week or more before it arrives. You’re conditioned such that anything you do must immediately gratify or it’s not worth doing.

Please, you’ll feel better and it’s time to heal.

There great.

(10 days later…)

There you go, you’ve done fine. The Keepons work great to keep your glasses up and now you can continue to grow.